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The Temple of Pharaoh Maatkare Hatshepsut

The mysticism that surrounds ancient Egyptian culture is something that has appealed to a lot of people for a long time now. However, it is also a fact that most knowledge that people have about Egypt’s mystic history are all based on what they may have read in books that only touch the periphery of what is Egyptian culture and history or even worse, from the great and grand Hollywood movies that tend to over-sensationalize and modify historical aspects of the Egyptian culture.

Maatkare is an attempt to educate readers worldwide about the actual basics of Egyptian history and culture and alleviate rather foolish myths that surround facts about the history of Egypt.

The first thing which people are fascinated about when anything about Egypt is mentioned is the existence of Pharaohs. The website deals with aspects of the rise and fall of the Pharaohs of Egypt in some detail providing readers with elementary information on them followed by a more in-depth approach to their history. Maatkare also chooses to deal with certain other questions trademarked as important aspects of Egyptian history like the whole process of Egyptian burials which have a whole history and aura of their own, the history of the 21st dynasty of Egypt, Khonos, the supremacy of Amen Re: The Egyptian King of Gods and of course a detailed insight into the life of Rameses XI.

There are also numerous other links and resources that could help visitors to gain more information about Egyptian history and culture in a more detailed way if they wish to and they can even contribute to the website by suggesting other relevant sites. There are also flash based interactive games for our visitors for their entertainment if they so wish. All these games are based on Egyptian culture and just add to the flavor of this resource.

I have done this from a loving heart for my Father Amun;
I have entered into his scheme for this first jubilee;
I was wise by his excellent Spirit, and I forgot nothing of that which he exacted.
My Majesty knoweth that he is Divine.
I did it under his command; it was he who led me.
I conceived no works without his doing; it was he who gave me directions.
I slept not because of his temple; I erred not from that which he commanded.
My heart was wise before my Father; I entered into the affairs of his heart.
I turned not my back on the City of the All-Lord, but turned to it the face.
I know that Karnak is God's dwelling upon earth; the August Ascent of the Beginning;
The Scared Eye of the All-Lord; the place of his heart;
Which wears his beauty, and encompasses those who follow him.
Prayer of Pharaoh Maatkare Hatshepsut on her Jubilee

The King's Daughter, God's Wife, King's Great Wife, Lady of the Two Lands, Hatshepsut, says "Oh my mother Nut, stretch thyself over me, that thou mayest place me among the imperishable stars which are in thee, and that I may not die." Prayer to the Goddess Nut from the lid of one of Hatshepsut's sarcophagus.